1989Twice Shy Parental guidance 5.4

An Irish computer programmer who is also a skilled, amateur mountain climber is murdered when his safety line is cut. Because Cleveland's nephew has been taken in by the dead man and his wife, he is drawn into the case. The Maguffin he is seeking is a computer disc with a program that allows you to pick the winning horse 65% of time, but who has it? Among those whom Cleveland encounters in his search is the beautiful Cassie Donovan, one of the few female horse trainers in Ireland.

Director: Deirdre FrielWriter: Dick Francis (novel), Miles HendersonActors: Ian McShane, Kate McKenzie, Karl Hayden, Dearbhla MolloyGenre: Crime, Drama, MysteryFormat: movieIrelandCanada

1989Blood Sport Parental guidance 5.9

Jockey Club investigator David Cleveland journeys to Canada to apprehend a notorious horse doper and while there is coaxed by his supervisor to help rich horse breeder Harry Teller. Teller has been trying to find Chrysallis, his $6 million dollar stud bay stallion, mistakenly kidnapped by hijackers and presumed dead. Although Cleveland initially resists the case, an attempt on Teller's life convinces him the horse is still alive. Cleveland is intrigued further by Teller's hard-drinking, lonely and curvaceous second wife as well as his nubile blond daughter, both of whom are attracted to him. He teams with an overweight insurance investigator to track down the animal as clues take them to dude ranch in the Canadian Rockies.

89mDirector: Harvey HartWriter: Dick Francis (novel), Andrew Payne (screenplay)Actors: Ian McShane, Heath Lamberts, Lloyd Bochner, Kenneth WelshLanguage: EnglishGenre: Crime, Drama, MysteryFormat: movieIrelandCanada

1974Dead Cert 5.1

As a surprise, two horse owners decide to ride their animals themselves in a steeplechase. But Bill Davidson's horse "Admiral" behaves weirdly, and falls hard after an obstacle. Bill dies from his injuries. His friend Alan York suspects the animal was doped by unscrupulous bookies and starts to investigate. He doesn't know how serious his opponents are, and that he's in danger to suffer the exact same fate as his friend!

99mDirector: Tony RichardsonWriter: Dick Francis (novel), Tony Richardson (screenplay), John Oaksey (screenplay)Actors: Scott Antony, Judi Dench, Michael Williams, Nina ThomasLanguage: EnglishGenre: Thriller, DramaFormat: movieUK

1989In the Frame Parental guidance 5.0

Cleveland visits two Canadian friends, Don Stuart and Ray Sharp, and admires their collections of racetrack art and vintage wine. When Ray's wife Susan returns to her house, she finds the house bare with every stick of furniture stolen, including a priceless Munning painting. While she is on the phone to her husband , an explosion destroys the house and her. Ray,Don and his wife, and Cleveland rush to the smoldering ruins, and in the interim, thieves also rob the Stuart house, stripping it bear of everything including the contents of his $200,000 wine cellar. When Stuart is falsely accused of mob activity by a suspicious policeman investigating the two crimes, Cleveland journeys to Germany to renew his acquaintance with a German beauty and pick up the trail of the stolen paintings.

Director: Wigbert WickerWriter: Andrew Payne (screenplay), Dick Francis (novel)Actors: Ian McShane, Lyman Ward, Amadeus August, Peter SattmannLanguage: EnglishGenre: Comedy, Crime, DramaFormat: movieIrelandCanada